Artist Alley


I design and produce a variety of products, from stickers, to iron-on patches, art prints, enamel pins and other wearable accessories. My full online storefront can be found at

Pins & Patches


Foil Prints

Display setup

My standard artist alley setup for 5ft - 8ft tables includes two vinyl banners with 2-3 standing displays for my stickers, prints, pins and iron-on patches. Depending on the size and other amenities at the table, I often use a fitted tablecloth which does not  slip or get pulled off the table easily. My banners are displayed via a photo backdrop stand.


About Me

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator who has worked in tech and gaming. I currently live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area. I started tabling at conventions roughly two years ago, and have worked hard to apply my design experience into creating fun and engaging products and displays. I love to being able to travel and meet other artists around the country :D
All of my products feature my own original designs! I draw inspiration from my interests in space exploration, vector illustration, and video games!

My online storefront can be found on Shopify. I can also be found on Instagram, Dribbble, and Linkedin!